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Band in France. New Promotional Video

Live music for 2019 weddings .
The new “Hicksville Swing” promotional video has just gone on line !
Produced by videographer Neil Evans
It was a days work at the fabulous Chateau St Paul.
Chateau St Paul is a venue that the band are very familiar with and they have become good friends with the owners Adrian and Karine who kept the coffee flowing throughout the day.
It’s not surprising that Chateau St Paul is always fully booked all season. It’s not just because the venue is so stunning but the surrounding countryside of the Lot et Garonne is fabulous.
It’s one of the very favourite wedding venues for Hicksville Swing who look forward to providing the entertainment there again in the 2019 season.

George Smith

Hicksville Swing

cover photo by Lydia Taylor Jones





A Huge “Thank You!”

Hi George and crew, well our wedding journey has come to an end and we find ourselves back home now and starting back into work.  How time flies!  We have just received our professional photos and have been going through them all reminiscing on the most romantic day of our lives.  What a stunning day it was and even though all did not go to the original plan with the weather, it still was the most magical day with all our special friends and family.
We just wanted to drop you all a quick line to say thank you so much for being part of the day and adding to the magic of it.  We were so happy with how the whole thing went and so enjoyed meeting so many new people like you, along the way although we didn’t get much chatting time! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE commented on your band and how it was the best that they’d ever heard and how perfect you were for the occasion.  You added such pizzazz to the day with your upbeat vibe.  We honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect group to be with us on our day.  We had so much fun with you around and wish you could have been with us for the week!
So thank you to one and all for making the day so special for us from the very beginning right through to the end of the day, including the lovely gentleman who stayed back to put on the sound system for us.  I have attached a few photos that I thought you might like and please feel free to use them on your site or for promotional purposes.
PS We’ll thank your wife Sandie Smith personally for her wonderful ceremony but we’d like to add that she adapted calmly and serenely to the last minute change of plans due to the rain.
Kind regards, Heidi and Chris

An idea for your champagne reception.

This is a blog post from my wife Sandie’s web page.

She’s a wedding celebrant and a Hicksville Fan 🙂

“Had my first meeting this weekend with a lovely couple from London who are getting married this year at  which is close to my home. I don’t generally meet a couple before their wedding other than on Skype  but if possible and  it gives me an excuse to make a trip to the lovely city of Bordeaux  I’m happy to oblige.

During our meeting we discussed the ceremony and Ben and Lisa had lots of creative ideas. Their French/American alliance is going to make a colourful wedding with nearly 200 guests! And not unusually this couple looked to me for ideas about music for the ceremony and champagne reception.

I just wanted to share this with my readers because your music is of key importance.

My husband is the singer, guitarist and manager of a wedding band here in France.

They literally perform the music for 60/70 weddings a year. I’m not objective , of course, but they are the best band in the area ( maybe in France!)  and quite apart from wanting to  promote them,  I want to share a small tip .

Through George’s experience and my listening to his interminable  practice I have come to learn a great deal about this important consideration for a successful wedding.

I won’t disclose all the tricks of our trade but here is a video of an idea for the champagne reception.

p.s. The other guitarist is our eldest son Thomas Smith whose website is not up yet but you can listen to some  audio  tracks  on this link.”


Decided to bite the bullet and re-vamp our Web-site.!!

Being one of the few English Bands in our area of South West France we have enjoyed many years of non-stop work without much competition but………………………… “the times are a changin’ “

Nowadays the “social media” industry is being exploited by a host of bands who may not be that good “live” but who make themselves look very good “on line” !!

It’s difficult to chose a band  when one hasn’t heard them play live and slick, studio recordings and seductive videos always tell a smokey, unreal story about a live performance.

Testimonials and recommendations are the surest way to chose but we’ve decided to give our web-presence a FACE LIFT!

First off we got a very reasonable quote from the best digital workshop and web designers we’ve come

We told them what we want to achieve and within a couple of days they’d sent us brilliant wireframe of how our site could look.

They were very clear, concise and easy to work with and we knew we were in good hands.

We booked two days at a fantastic new concert music venue which is not far from where I (George) live and the musicians agreed to donate two days of hard work to the project.

Day 1

Photoshoot, video-shoot , rehearsal and live recordings  ( there’s a very brilliant recording studio at the venue!!)

It was all filmed by Adam Penny and Jeff Ross    

Day 2


……more videos photos ending in a public concert.

All the members of the band have been working as professional musicians here in France for the past 20 years!

George Smith is English and leads the band with rhythm guitar and vocals. He’s been in France for 25 yrs and you’d be hard pushed to meet someone in Aquitaine who hasn’t been to one of his gigs.

Thomas Smith is half French/half English and, needless to say, is George’s son. He’s a wicked rocky lead guitarist and has a brilliant singing voice.

Florent Thiers

is French, speaks perfect English and is a gypsy/jazz guitarist. He’s also a very skilled luthier and keeps our gear in wonderful nick. He also plays bass in the rock band.

Bimbo Acock is a very well known English multi-instrumentalist who literally plays at least 7/8 instruments, including piano, saxophone soprano/alto etc. flute, clarinette, pennywhistle, guitar, banjo etc.

The band is only as good as their drummer and Leon Schelstraete is brilliant :)))

He also runs a Caron School in Bordeaux

Sebastien Francelin who is also from Bordeaux is a brilliant lead electric guitarist.